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About Me
Packer Nation has thousands of A+ fans. Many could rightfully claim to be the Biggest Packer fan in the World.
I'm one of them.
Born in Wisconsin 7 weeks before Brett Favre was born, but growing up in loserville Minnesota, I was toughened up in the 70's & 80's being teased by the loser Viking fairweather fans.  I don't use the word hate in reality, but the Vikings are the team I kind of hate.

As a kid, I would visit my dad in Appleton in the 70's and early 80's, and had a chance to meet coach Bart Starr and Packers players like James Lofton, John Jefferson, and Rich Wingo among others.
The first game I can recall going to was a preseason game against the Buffalo Bills and O.J. Simpson. I didn't even realize it was a fake game. Preseason didn't mean anything yet to me.

I went all through school from elementary to college with the Packers being horse  crap, with the exception of the one playoff season in 1982  playoff year where Lynn Dickey's Packers with Eddie Lee Ivery & John Jefferson & James Lofton  beat the St. Louis Cardinals in a playoff game at Lambeau, and then the Majik time of 1989 with Don Majkowski and Sterling Sharpe. I loved Sterling and was on national radio in those years with One on One Sports  with Bobby Kemp, and often had debates that I won that claimed Sterling was as good as Jerry Rice. 

As the 90's entered, I would often make the 5-hour trips to Green Bay. I went to the 1992 Opening game which was Mike Holmgren's first game as Packers, an overtime loss to my hated Vikings. I didn't 100% realize until right now that it was Brett Favre's first game ever as a Packer, and I barely knew who he was yet. I wish I still had that ticket stub & program. But a few weeks later, everything changed.


I remember being in college during the early days of the internet and watching the Reggie White "Free Agent Tour" on cable tv & I would search the internet for breaking news. I was so excited God told him to go to the Packers and not the 49ers or Redskins as everyone expected. I was happier with the Packers than I had been since 1981 when the Packers traded for the San Diego Super Chargers All-Pro John Jefferson, my favorite player.
I'd continue to travel to Green Bay for many Packers games. I had seen Dan Marino in the mid-80's when we were terrible and he easily tossed 5 touchdowns against us. Ten years later as the Packers were good and heading towards greatness, I got to go to the TNT night game against John Elway and the Broncos.  Sterling was without question the superior Sharpe, as Shannon has admitted. The Packers almost blew that game, but Reggie White sealed it late with a few sacks of Elway, much like the Super Bowl on Drew Bledsoe about two seasons later. I think that season was the one in which the Packers hosted the Atlanta Falcons in the playoffs, which was the Packers first playoff home game since the 1982 win over the Cardinals. New Year's eve it was, and what a great time to be alive that was!

Fast forward to 2005 when I moved to Frisco, Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys .
I flew down from Dallas to see the 2006 opener against the Bears, which was coach Mike McCarthy's first game. That was a horrible game as we actually got shutout. I did get to meet Deanna Favre, however, and was surprised at how pretty she was compared to what I'd seen & thought from tv.  It was Greg Jennings first game, and I think Devin Hester's first game. And yes, he took one back to the house that day. 

The next year, things changed as the Packers blossomed in 2007, and I went to the Packers game here at the old Cowboys stadium in Irving. Each team was 10-1 and the game would be for the NFC #1-seed, which we all thought was critical. Here in Dallas and in Green Bay, everyone thought that was the biggest thing.
On that night, we all saw the youngster Aaron Rodgers come in after Favre had put the Packers in a 27-10 hole with two bad interceptions before exiting with a banged up elbow. What I saw with my own eyes, what you older fans saw on tv, and
what the Cowboys defensive players saw and talked about after the game was this: Rodgers was ready.

He almost pulled that game out, but the defense couldn't get a late stop against Tony Romo & Terrell
Owens and the Rodgers comeback fell just short.
You all remember how that season ended up, so painfully and how Favre ended it.

Three seasons later I was at the awesome new Cowboys stadium, the new one, for Super Bowl.XLV.
It was the highlight of my life, a high I can't imagine anything ever topping. 
The Packers, by the way, are 4-0 in that stadium, and that even includes a miracle Matt Flynn-led comeback win over Romo and Dez Bryant, in which I had a front-row seat and on-field suite access for.

I've seen the Packers play in Minnesota 5 or 6 times, all losses, and 4 of them were with Favre. Did I mention I hate the Vikings?
I've seen the Packers play in Detroit (a loss to Barry Sanders where Favre threw 3 ints), in St. Louis in the 1996 Super Bowl season, the game in which the Packers had just added WR Andre Rison as the offense was sputtering with Robert Brooks' ACL torn, and Antonio Freeman also injured.
The next season, we saw the Packers play at the emerging Tampa Bay Buccaneers with their great defense. It was a close low-scoring win, and there were so many Packers fans, I remember Bucs QB Trent Dilfer bitching about it in a postgame press interview.

I've seen the reigning-champion Packers win 45-38 in San Diego in 2011, which pushed the undefeated Packers to 8-0, on top of the world. In 2015, I drove with my two sons to Arizona for the week 16 massacre loss to the Cardinals in the game in which we had no offensive tackles and I had a row-2 seat to see Rodgers get sacked 10 times. It was ugly. But he survived.
Most recently, I saw the Packers lose at the Washington Redskins last year in week 3. That was another wasted trip. Well, except this: The day before, we went to College Park, Maryland, for the Minnesota Golden Gophers game at the Maryland Terrapins. I got to see Darnell Savage. But I didn't even know who he was then. 

It seems like I've had bad luck with all those losses to the Vikings, at the Lions, at Dallas in 2007, at Arizona, and even the two home losses in Holmgren and McCarthy's debuts. But I've had good luck in St. Louis, Tampa Bay, San Diego,  and the new Cowboys Stadium. Let's hope that continues as I have shelled out $800 to take my son to the Packers at Dallas game this October.  I will never, ever, go to another Packers game in Minnesota, however! 

  1. Super Bowl XLV Pregame Photo outside
  2. Super Bowl XLV Game Photo from my 3rd deck seats. Buddy is my Packer buddy from Minnesota, who has gotten me Super Bowl tickets 3 times, including this one and the 2007 & 2014 seasons. Do you all remember how those 2007 & 2014 seasons ended for us? Imagine having Super Bowl tickets.
  3. Super Bowl XLV Get ready to Celebrate!
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