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Packers  Network

Cheeseheads have an endless amount of places they can go to read about Packers information, news, opinions, polls, surveys, history, and gossip. Stay away from the gossip. But opinions and predictions matter, even though most end up being wrong.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel/PackersNews.com is still the best.
Bob McGinn Football brings quality, if not quantity. It's a shame the Packers don't credential him, but also that more players don't reach directly out to him. He's honest, and we'd like to hear more from him.

PackersWire/USAtoday, Bleacher Report, Cheesehead TV (except for Nagler's ignorant and faulty left-wing propaganda -although I think he keeps most of that to his personal leaning-left Twitter account) all have good content.
Jersey Al is the best but I don't know where he's gone.  
ACME Packing Company is great. 
Freddie Boston at LombardiAve does a great job, but I don't like any websites which make you click 13 times to get through a basic story.  
I will really miss Michael Cohen, as I miss Greg A Bedard, Mike Vandermause, Tyler Dunne, and even Cliff Christl.

PackersMagazine.com & PackersInsider.com once in a while have some good original stuff worth reading.
Packers.com has the official stuff with player interviews, and that's essential. But don't look for any honest or critical journalism from either of those paid cheerleaders. Larry McCarron's breakdowns are great. I'm curious what John Kuhn will bring to the table. 

What we have planned for Packers Network is a busy but clean forum, and we want to give away Packers prizes going forward.